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AMAZING FACE - Workout (55 min)

AMAZING FACE - Workout (55 min)
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The ultimate workout for your face
This is not a Facial – This is a workout for your face!

Amazing Space presents a new treatment, that is the ultimate workout for your face. Amazing Face Workout is much more than a facial treatment, as it provides a full workout for all the facial muscles!
As all good workouts, the treatment begins with a warm-up by actively stimulating the face, neck, and décolleté with twisting, kneading and clapping techniques. After this, the skin is warmed up and ready to train with our new “Eco rubber-balls”. They consist of 3 different sizes, designed to loosen deep lying tensions in the face’s muscular structure.
Training continues with a “lifting massage” of all the expression muscles, with our signature Face Sculpting Therapy (FST). A deep tissue massage of all 97 facial muscles, which contour the skin and reduce fine expression lines. The next step is an effective “Electro-Therapy”, which consist of the use of a low frequency signal. This aids in toning the muscle and increases micro-flow. The facial muscles experience an active stimulus and tightening, making the skin fuller and plumper. The result is a fantastic glow!
Now that your face has experienced a complete strength training workout, the treatment finishes with cooling strokes from magical stones. These healing jewel stones aid in the skin’s absorption of the skin products applied.
The balls can be used at home to retain the effect of your workout. Along with your treatment, you will receive guidance for continued usage of your “Eco rubber-balls”. Just as in training of the body, continued maintenance is required to achieve the ultimate results after treatment.
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