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Dorte Hagedorn

Dorte Hagedorn
Health, body and mind have always been a big part of Dorte's life. Dorte has a background as a classical ballet dancer, and after several years on the theater scene, she worked many years in the health care system / pharmaceutical industry, which aroused her interest in holistic human wellness as well as the interaction between the body and the mind - energy, mood and health. Dorte is an alternative therapist, and has trained in kinesiology, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, homeopathy and healing. Dorte aims to restore the balance in the body and the mind, strengthen the body's own self-healing ability and to improve her client's courage, vitality, energy and happiness. "I focus on giving you the best treatment in a caring, harmonious and calm setting. During the treatment, you will be very relaxed, your body and your mind are in balance, your energy is charged and you will feel more energy and happiness. "Dorte’s clients always leave the treatment feeling happy, relaxed and with renewed energy.

Motto: "Let the happiness guide you"

Dorte performs the following treatments at Amazing Space:
• All spa & body treatments
• Pregnancy treatments
• Aromatherapy massage
• Hotstone massage
• Acupuncture
• Face sculpting therapy
• Non tox face lift
• Healing massage
• Yoga massage
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