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Mette Skouborg

Mette Skouborg
Mette has an education in sports massage and acupuncture, and she has known all her life, that she wanted to pursue a career in healing and treating people. After several years in the film and media industry, Mette refocused her career in 2010 to solely concentrate on her vocation as a therapist. During the last 3 years, Mette has treated everything from Danish celebrities, international pop stars to ordinary clients - and even babies and children. Whether it is a deep tissue therapeutic massage or wellness relaxing massage, Mette customizes each massage to the client. After a massage with Mette, you can be sure to feel the change and the improvement, because Mette is a very capable therapist.
Mette's mission is that the customer must leave the treatment room with the greatest sense of wellbeing and relaxation. She really enjoys making a difference for her clients and also the positive effect of her work on the clients.

Motto: "desire, ask, believe, receive."

Mette performs the following treatments at Amazing Space:
• All spa & body treatments
• Pregnancy treatments
• Nordic stone/Jewelstone massage
• Sports acupuncture
• Face sculpting therapy massage
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